Connie DiJohnson

Connie DiJohnson
Second Language Acquisition

Connie DiJohnson is the Director for Second Language Acquisition (SLA) for the National Foreign Language Center.

As the Director for Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Ms. DiJohnson is responsible for the pedagogical integrity of the work produced by SLA team members. She works with internal and external stakeholders to create and refine language learning products and assessments. She oversees the hiring and training of Second Language Acquisition specialists; provides ILR training; creates and maintains SLA guidelines; and prepares supplemental training materials. As a test item writer and reviewer she collaborates with target language experts to ensure that items are comprehensible, level appropriate and meet project guidelines.

Ms. DiJohnson serves as the chair of the Center’s revenue generation committee, which explores new business opportunities. She also serves as representative on the College of Arts and Humanities Staff Council.

Ms. DiJohnson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science Education from Moravian College and a Master of Education from the University of Maryland. Before joining the Center in 2008, Ms. DiJohnson founded and directed a language consulting firm that designed and implemented language courses for specific purposes. She developed classes for government agencies, international corporations, labor unions, and businesses; conducted language needs assessments and collaborated with clients to design classes; and ensured that instructors implemented the classes as intended. Ms. DiJohnson also developed curricula and assessments for Prince George’s Community College, New England School of Languages, and the Stroudsburg Area School District. Ms. DiJohnson began her career as a middle and high school teacher and maintains her connection to public education through work as a volunteer in the Montgomery County schools.

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